Pricing & Reservations

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Electric Mountain Bike Rental

Pricing & Reservations

Specialized Turbo Levo

At OEBR we use the Specialized full suspension Turbo Levo. The Levo is an incredible machine. With the pedal assist the rider can hammer climbs for hours with impunity on Turbo mode or all day on medium assist. Sometimes Turbo is too much! You’ll be blown away by the performance. Guaranteed.

Think of the sections you dread riding at your local spots. You know the ones I’m talking about. That rock garden or technical climb that’s just too steep to be fun. On the Levo it’s no longer a factor.

The 27.5″ wheels in combination with the 2.7″ tires give unbeatable traction in even the gnarliest mud or climbs. The added weight of the bike becomes a plus in rocks and gravity descents giving the rider a sense of stability a 27 lb. bike lacks. Once you’re pedaling the extra weight is negated by the added assist.

This is the funnest experience I’ve ever had on a bicycle. I continue to be impressed by the fact that the E-Bike has energized my trail riding again. It’s a whole new sport as far as I’m concerned. I get the cardio I need and I can pedal days in a row without over extending my reserves.

You have to try it.

Check out this article on the Specialized Turbo Levo in Outside magazine

Electric Mountain Bike Rental Prices

Daily rentals are $150/rider/day and include the bike &helmet.
Lunch is also included.
A tech will be with you every step of your journey.

Multi day bookings are $125/day/rider,

Transportation to and from the various riding areas is included.
Call Doug at 509-281-0156 or email